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Welcome to the website (the 'Site') for IgniteiBroker, a web based ASIC, New Zealand Companies, Credit Reports, Australian PPSR and New Zealand PPSR information service. This Site is owned and operated by Ignite Intelligence Pty Ltd ACN 143 282 642 ('Us' or 'We'). All usage of this site, its Debtor Information, and the services provided through this Site ('Services') is subject to these Terms of Use ('Terms'). These Terms apply to all Users of this Site ('You'). Ignite Intelligence may own or operate other websites that contain different terms of use. Please read these Terms carefully. You should print or make an electronic copy of the Terms for your records.

By using this site you are entering into a binding contractual relationship with us and hereby agree to these Terms. If we amend the Terms in any material way, we will post a notice on this Site. Your continued use of the Site will signify your acceptance of the change in the Terms. The current version of the Terms will normally be available for your reference from a link at the bottom of the home page of this Site.


The following definitions shall apply to the Terms:

(a) 'Affiliate' means any other Person directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by or under direct or indirect common control with the Person.

(b) ''Authorized Representative' means any director, officer, employee, agent, or other representative of IgniteiBroker or an Affiliate of IgniteiBroker.

(c) 'Debtor Information' means information provided by you or other users of the Site relating to the Creditor worthiness of customers of businesses.

(d) 'Marks' means trademarks, service marks, logos and names and titles, of and associated with IgniteiBroker or an Affiliate of IgniteiBroker.

(e) 'Person' means any individual, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, trust, estate, association, or any other legal or commercial entity.

(f) 'User/s' means any other Person using this Site.


This Site is intended to bring to its user/s search facilities of ASIC records, New Zealand Companies records, Credit Reports from CreditorWatch and personal property information from Australian PPSR and New Zealand PPSR.


3.1 You agree to use this Site in accordance with these Terms, as it may be modified from time to time. Your will at all times comply with all applicable federal, state, and local government laws and regulations when you use the Site.

3.2 The Site, and all related computer systems, procedures, and databases created, operated, maintained or accessed by us and our Affiliates in connection with providing the Services, contain proprietary and confidential information of substantial economic value to us and our Affiliates. You shall not make any unauthorized use, misuse, or disclosure of such information.

3.3 The accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of all information provided to us by you via the Site are your sole responsibility. You are responsible for all activities occurring under your accounts that are due to your conduct or inaction. You are responsible for verifying the accuracy of transactions as entered for information as received.

3.4 You warrant and represent to us that you are using the Site from within Australia.

3.5 We are authorized, without further inquiry, to provide services and to release information in accordance with a transaction request received by us. You acknowledge that we may exercise this discretion more readily in certain cases, such as meeting our obligations under any applicable anti-money-laundering or similar law, regulation or policy.

3.6 If you discover that you have obtained access to information on the Site that you do not have authority to access, you agree to immediately terminate such access and inform us.

3.7 The prices advertised on the Site are for ASIC Authorised Representatives, Banned and Disqualified, Business Name Holder, Personal Extract, Professional Register, Business Names, Person Name, Offline Organisation, Organisation Name, Relational Organisation, Charge Details, Document Image, Satisfied Charges, and Weekly Summaries information services. The prices advertised on the Site are also for New Zealand Entity, New Zealand Person information services. The prices advertised on the Site are for ASIC Registered Organisation Credit Reports. The prices advertised on the Site are for Australian Personal Property Securities Register (AUS PPSR) search services: Motor Vehicle Search, Search for Watercraft, Search by Aircraft, Search by Intellectual Property, Search by PPSR Registration Number, Search by Individual Grantor, Search by Organisation Grantor, Ordinal Search, Retrieve Search Results, Request Search Certificates, Reissue Search Certificates. The prices advertised on the Site are also for New Zealand Personal Property Securities Register (NZ PPSR) search services: Debtor Person Search, Debtor Organisation Search, Motor Vehicle Search, Aircraft Serial Number Search, Financing Statement Number Search.

3.8 Prices on some items may differ from those charged for other order entry methods. Prices and the availability of items are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit provision of the services, including the right to prohibit provision of the services or access to the Site at our discretion.

3.9 By requesting information through the Site, You consent to the transmission of the requested information (which may include mobile telephony unique identifier information) through the Site and assume all risks of such transmission.

3.10 IgniteiBroker will record any Credit Card details you provide to facilitate payment for the Services for future use. IgniteiBroker will encrypt such Credit Card details as specified in its privacy policy.


You agree you are bound by any affirmation, assent, or agreement you transmit through the Site, including but not limited to any consent you give to receive communications from us solely through electronic transmission. You agree that, when in the future you click on an 'I agree', 'I consent' or other similarly worded 'button' or entry field with your mouse, keystroke or other device, your agreement or consent will be legally binding and enforceable and the legal equivalent of your handwritten signature.



Unless you have obtained our prior written permission, you may not do any of the following or permit or procure any other Person or Affiliate to:

(a) Copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute in any way material from this Site in any manner inconsistent with the purposes for which it is offered by IgniteiBroker to its User/s.

(b) Use promote or otherwise encourage the use of this Site for any illegal or unauthorized purpose;

(c) Infringe or violate the rights of third parties, including copyright, trademark, patent, rights of privacy, or any other proprietary or contractual right.

(d) Transmit any advertising or promotional materials, including without limitation, 'junk mail', 'surveys', 'spam', 'chain letters', 'pyramid schemes' or any other form of solicitation or unauthorized communication.

(e) Copy, modify, or display our name, trademarks, or logo or those of any Affiliate of ours, or any text, graphic images, or other Debtor Information from this Site.

(f) Use devices (including software) that are designed to provide repeated automated access to this Site or probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any system or network related in any way to this Site.

(g) With the exception of web browser software, or other applications approved by us, use any software, program, application or any other device to access or log on to the Site, including our computer systems, or to automate the process of obtaining, downloading, transferring or transmitting any information from Site, including our computer system.

(h) Include any Mark, the name of any of our personnel, or any variation of any of the foregoing, as a meta tag, hidden textual element, or any other indicator that may create a false or misleading impression of affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement between any User and/or website and the Site.

(i) Collect or store personal information about other Users of this Web site.

(j) Transmit any material that contains any computer code or files that might interrupt, limit or interfere with the functionality of any computer software or hardware of telecommunications equipment.

(k) Use any electronic communication feature of the Site for any purpose that is unlawful, tortious, abusive, intrusive on another's privacy, harassing, libelous, defamatory, embarrassing, obscene, threatening, hateful, offensive, or sexually explicit;

(l) Identify IgniteiBroker or other users of the Site as the source of any information.

(m) Create a link from a web site to any page of this Site unless the user or the operator of the other web site has executed our then standard agreement for the granting of permission to establish such a link.


6.1 While we may monitor any use of this Site, we are under no obligation to do so and assume no responsibility or liability arising from our doing so or omission to do so.

6.2 We and our Affiliates and Authorized Representatives may monitor your use of this Site to evaluate the quality of service you receive, your compliance with these Terms, the security of this Site, or for other lawful reasons.

6.3 You hereby waive and release us from any cause of action or other right with respect to us or our Affiliates or Authorized Representatives concerning any monitoring activities so undertaken.


7.1 The materials on this site and any materials made available on this site are provided in the state received by us and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. IgniteiBroker disclaims all warranties, express, or implied, including, but not limited to, all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement to the fullest extent permitted by law.

7.2 IgniteiBroker and its Affiliates do not warrant or makes any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the materials in this site in terms of their completeness, accuracy, reliability, timeliness or otherwise. You acknowledge that the materials in this site could include false or irrelevant information, technical inaccuracies, and/or typographical errors.

7.3 Links in this Site, which link to other sites on the World Wide Web are not under the control of IgniteiBroker or any Affiliate or Authorized Representative of IgniteiBroker and none of such persons is responsible for the information's of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites.

7.4 IgniteiBroker disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

7.5 IgniteiBroker makes no warranty that:

(a) The operation of the site will meet the user's requirements or expectations.

(b) Access to the site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, free of unauthorized code or other harmful components, or free of error or malfunction.

(c) The results that may be obtained from the use of the site will be accurate or reliable.

(d) Errors or defects will be corrected and/or corrected within a specified period of time.


8.1 IgniteiBroker and its Affiliates or Authorized Representatives shall not be liable in tort, contract or otherwise (and as permitted by law, product liability) to users or any third party unless due to willful misconduct or gross negligence.

8.2 IgniteiBroker and/or its Affiliates or Authorized Representatives shall not be liable to you any user or any third party for any special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages (including damages for loss of profits, revenue, income, goodwill, use, data, time or other intangible losses) that may result from the use of, or the inability to use, the site, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tort, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of, or the information available on, the site. This limitation of liability applies even if any of them has been advised of the possibility of such damage.


9.1 You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless IgniteiBroker and any Affiliate or Authorised Representative of IgniteiBroker from any claim, demand, loss, costs or expense, including attorneys' fees and costs, made by any person arising out of your violation of these Terms or any other Person's rights hereunder, including violation of any intellectual property or privacy right.

9.2 IgniteiBroker may, at its own expense, participate in any matter subject to indemnification by you, and you shall not settle any such matter in a manner prejudicial to the rights of IgniteiBroker without the written consent of IgniteiBroker, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

9.3 Indemnify and hold harmless Ignite Intelligence against any and all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses or damages relating to your purchasing or using ASIC extracts or Credit Reports.


10.1 Please click on this link: www.igniteibroker.com to access the Privacy Policy and to find out how we use and protect the personal information of certain Users that may be transmitted to this Site,

10.2 If you believe that:

(a) The security of this Site has been breached; or

(b) Your information on the Site may have been used without your authorization.

(c) This Site contains any inaccurate information, infringes any law or these Terms, Please notify us by email legalcompliance@igniteintelligence.com

10.3 Accuracy:

(a) The Search Extracts contained in the ASIC System and ASIC Registers are based on information provided to ASIC by third parties.

(b) ASIC has not verified the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of the Search Extracts and makes no representation or warranty as to their accuracy, currency or reliability.

(c) ASIC will have no liability to any persons for any inaccuracy, omission, defect or error in the Test Database, ASIC System or ASIC Registers.

(d) The Information Broker must ensure that its Customers agree to the terms substantially similar to clauses 10.3 (a)-(c), and provide a disclaimer to that effect, before providing to them any Search Extracts.


11.1 We grant you the right to display, copy, distribute, download, and print Information for the purpose of conducting business with IgniteiBroker, provided that you comply in all respects with this Clause 12.1. This permission terminates automatically if you breach any of these Terms.

11.2 You acknowledge and agree that any and all current and future intellectual property rights associated with the Site, including such rights with respect to any name or mark that we may develop for, or use in connection with, the Site, is, and will be owned by us or their respective owners. Nothing in these Terms gives or is intended to give you or any User any claim for ownership of or any rights in such intellectual property.

11.3 The following restrictions apply to the content of the Site:

(a) You agree that the content of the Site is our property or the property of our customers (as the case may be) and is subject to protection by Australian and international intellectual property laws.

(b) Subject to these Terms, and except as expressly indicated otherwise, you agree not to download, copy, store, manipulate, reformat, modify, adapt, reproduce, retransmit, distribute, circulate, display, publish, distribute, perform, sell, rent, print or create derivative works from, or make any other use of the our content without our prior written approval.

(c)  You may only use and download materials that are made available on the Site for your own internal use.

(d) You may not use, distribute, modify, transmit, or post any our content or Information obtained from the use of the Site or any functions of the Site for public or commercial purposes without our express written permission including but not limited to reselling access to any such materials or to redistributing or facilitating the redistribution of any such materials for sale to others.

(e) You may not delete copyright or other intellectual property rights and proprietary notices from printouts of electronically accessed materials.

(f)  You hereby assign to us copyright in any document owned by you which you uploaded onto the Site.

11.4 Nothing contained in these Terms or this Site grant any license or right to use any of the Marks displayed on this Site. You agree not to use the Marks.

11.5 You agree that any material, information, and ideas that you transmit to IgniteiBroker for inclusion in the Site shall be treated as non-confidential, non-proprietary, and free from any moral right. IgniteiBroker shall be under no obligation of any kind with respect to such transmissions and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, and distribute such transmissions to others in any manner including any manner that does not reveal your identity.


12.1 If you breach any of these Terms or we anticipate you will breach any of these Terms, we may terminate any right granted to you in these Terms.

12.2 We may suspend or terminate your access to the Site at any time without giving notice or a reason for such suspension or termination.

12.3 We may modify or discontinue all or any portion of the Site or any function made available thereby or any document uploaded onto the Site by you at any time without prior notice.

12.4 We may block access to the use of all or any portion of the Site or any function of the Site without prior notice in the event we elect to discontinue such service on a temporary or permanent basis or in the event that you breach this Agreement.

12.5 We reserve the right to block access to all or any portion of the Site if we have reason to believe that the general security and/or integrity of the system is being threatened or compromised.

12.6 The Site may be unavailable at times due to no fault of ours.


13.1 Unless otherwise specified, we control and operate this Site from our offices within Australia. The Services and products described and information provided through this Site are directed to, and are not intended for distribution to, or use by, any Person in any jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to law or regulation or that would subject us or any of our Affiliates or Authorized Representatives to any requirement within such jurisdiction that we deem burdensome. Persons who access this Site do so at their own initiative, and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws or regulations.

13.2 The laws of the State of New South Wales will govern the Terms and any dispute of any type that may arise between a User and IgniteiBroker and its Affiliates and Authorized Representatives concerning or arising out of the use of this Site.

13.3 If either party takes legal action relating to this Terms, both of us consent and agree to submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the courts of New South Wales with respect to such matters.


14.1 Once an extract is downloaded, a refund is not available to you even in the case where the downloaded extract is not the extract you wished to purchase.

14.2 A refund will not be issued for inconsistent or incorrect data in the downloaded extracts. All information in the downloaded extracts is purely fetched from ASIC or from CreditorWatch or from New Zealand Companies or from Australian PPSR or from New Zealand PPSR.

14.3 Once payment is confirmed and processed, a cancellation of the payment cannot be requested as the extracts are delivered to you immediately after payment is processed.

14.4 If a promo code is used to receive discounts on extracts, the promo code discount offers may not be redeemed for cash/credit at any time.


15.1 Upon receiving payment, the SLA for delivery of extracts to you is within 30 mins.

15.2 If you payment is not processed immediately, the SLA is for the delivery of extracts to be withheld until such payments are processed and received.

15.3 If payments are not received within 24 hours of checkout, the transaction is cancelled and the SLA is to not deliver any extracts to the user.


16.1 If any of these Terms are held to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that provision will be deemed severable from these Terms and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

16.2 The heading of the provisions hereof are for descriptive purposes only and will not modify or qualify any of the rights or obligations set forth in such provisions.

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